The history of planet earth is, more than anything else, a history of conflict and war.  In 1947 after the conclusion of World War II, many powerful politicians and wealthy individuals worldwide, tired of wars for purpose of conquest, came up with an idea to form the United Nations with the intent that all nations would join in peaceful union under one world government. Dictators who ran their nations like kingdoms joined. Communist nations joined. Democratic countries which believed in freedom and capitalism accepted nowhere else in the world also joined. Nearly a century has passed. What has the UN accomplished since. Dictators still exist and still run their countries like kingdoms. The UN appears to accept this as a matter of fact although it does not approve of such subjagation of the people by any individual nation. There does not appear to be any acceptance of UN rule over such nations. Communist nations still appear to be attempting to spread communism around the world. China has never stopped aggressively attempting to gain control over all nations of yellow people and the UN appears more to be supporting this effort rather than attempting to stop it. The UN has convinced China to accept limited capitalism for the time being and promoted the Chinese economy as the standard for the world to follow. But no communist nation has ever accepted capitalism for long and it is possible that all foreign investments in China may become subject to nationalization if it causes people to demand more freedom there. Chinese people are totally controlled, not only by communist rule, but also by a central bank digital currency which gives the government total control over all of their money and personal assets. Leaders of other nations are also replacing their currencies with a central bank digital currency. In fact, Joe Biden has issued an executive order to replace the US dollar with a central bank digital currency in the United States. While this executive order is almost certainly to be challenged by as many as thirty states which do not want a digital currency imposed on the American people, it demonstrates that the government of the United States is attempting to take total control over the American people by taking control over our monetary assets and how we spend our money. In fact, a central bank digital currency, if used properly by the government, can ultimately give the government the capability to take all money, property and capital away from the people and put it all in the hands of government. Democracy and capital would be gone forever.

It is true that China has, at least for the time being seemingly adopted partial capitalism in China for it’s people although, the Chinese government owns half of businesses in China started with foreign capital and has substantial say in the operation of all small businesses there. But China is still a one party system communist country and has installed a central bank digital currency to closely monitor the money of all it’s people. The United Nations appears to be adopting this method of government as the general rule for worldwide governance. If this becomes the norm, it does not appear that freedom and democracy will exist anywhere in the world in the future.

Russia has invaded Ukraine in an effort to reestablish a portion of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Russia has it’s own energy supply, military power and manufacturing capability to produce it’s own products. To ensure long term food supply, it needs the Ukraine which is one of the bread baskets of Europe. This conquest would give Russia complete independence from United Nations control indefinitely.  By taking action in conjunction with the UN to try to prevent Russian control over the Ukraine militarily, the United States has become the military arm of the United Nations in it’s attempt to control the world militarily. Russia appears to be acting to remain independent from the United Nations. It is my belief that we should not be supporting the United Nations military effort to support the Ukraine in an effort to stop Russia from establishing independence from the United Nations.

As long as the United Nations supports the communist Chinese government as the standard for the world to follow, the UN is no longer the primary supporter of freedom, democracy and capitalism worldwide that most people believe it is. As long as the United Nations supports the replacement of fiat currencies worldwide with a central bank digital currency, it is no longer a primary supporter of freedom, democracy and capitalism around the world. The United Nations has now become the primary promoter of a world government which will have totalitarian communist type control over all of the people on planet earth. And it appears to be using the military power of the United States and all of the nations of Europe to advance it’s efforts. It is apparent also that United Nations efforts to install totalitarian control include control over the United States and that this will mean that government control over the people of our great nation will replace freedom, independence and capitalism here also.  People in the United States do not want a Chinese communist type government and, when they learn what a central bank digital currency will do to our freedom, democracy and capitalism, they will not want that either.  The United States must leave the United Nations if it is to preserve our way of life in this country. It is the obligation of our leaders to reestablish the United States as the leader of democracy worldwide in opposition to United Nations efforts and once again become the standard bearer for freedom, democracy and capitalism that the world believes we are. It is what Americans want and is the reason people from all over the world still want to come here.