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Past, Present and Future of Planet Earth:

A New Conversation Starter Found in Micro Study of Planet Earth and Human Race

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A new book from author Lawrence Stellato Sr.

Love Letters to America: How Can We Restore the Greatest Society Ever Created in the History of Mankind?

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“This book by Lawrence Stellato was very interesting and enlightening. It was easy reading and kept my interest. Finished in one sitting and leaves you thinking about our world today and how we got here. I would highly recommend this book even if you don’t agree with the author on all his points of view.”

Annie Oakley

“If you are open to new ideas as well as old ones, this book is for you. An educational yet speculative documentation of the progress of intelligent life on earth from the author’s perspective. I found the book interesting and peculiar. I strongly recommend to everyone providing they keep an open mind and draw their own conclusions when finished. An excellent coffee table book.”

Ruby Pearl

The unusual cover caught my attention. I became curious how the cover related to the story. An interesting story that highlights the differences in the way generations have been educated. I highly recommend young adults purchase the book. They will be offered a different perspective.