I began to notice how very major changes have been happening in America for about six decades since I was in college in the 1960s.  If you are around my age, you already know, as I do, that we no longer live in the same America we lived in during the 1950s.  We should reflect back and take a look at what America was and what it has become.  

In the 1950s, America became the nation promised by our forefathers in 1776 where freedom, democracy and capitalism flourished, the greatest economy that ever existed came to be, everyone on earth wanted American products, everything that improved the lives of people everywhere was invented here, the lives of all Americans were improving and everyone worldwide wanted to come here.  In the 1960s, however, the notion began that democracy and capitalism was evil, created a wealthy class and left too many behind.  Over the last six decades, that notion has spread incredibly worldwide.  Today, most world leaders, including practically all leaders of our country, are globalists who are dedicated to the total destruction of freedom, democracy and capitalism and promote the creation of a global totalitarian state under the control of the United Nations with total equality for all.  Total equality for all, of course, means that the lives of Americans will have to be reduced to the poverty that exists elsewhere in the world.  Why should Americans live better than others?  The fallacy of this assumption is that democracy and capitalism was never intended to be equality for all.  It was intended to be equality of opportunity for all.  Equality for all is communism and that is apparently what is intended for our future. This is probably the most dramatic change that has happened in America.

But there have been many others.  American leaders have promised and attempted to keep inflation at a 2% level.  In 1966, I bought my first new car.  I paid $2766 for a Chevy Impala.  Today, a similar car would cost about $45-50,000.  Inflation in the cost of everything we use or eat in America over the last six decades has risen thousands of percent.  The two percent inflation that our govt talks about never existed and inflation is getting worse, not better.

In the early 1960s, I wrote a paper for college in which I discussed how Japan would become the second largest economy in the world because of trade agreements being made with Japan at the time.  It did happen and this was the first time that American jobs were transferred overseas by new trade agreements.  Since that time, agreements opening free trade with other countries have resulted in many millions of jobs transferred to other countries.  Everyone in America knows that almost nothing we use, drive or eat is produced in America anymore.  This is an incredible change in our society, the effects of which have had a dramatic effect on our economy.

In 1960, American borders were relatively secure.  Over the decades since, illegal immigration into the country has dramatically increased.  We now can expect about five million illegals each year into America and that may increase further if the current administration endures.  We have always had legal immigration.  Legal immigration has rules designed to protect Americans from sickness, drugs, crime and people coming across who become a burden on the American economy.  Legal immigrants must prove capability to take care of themselves.  This just appears to be another way in which globalists are making sure that the American economy is reduced to the level of all other economies.  America is not intended to continue to lead the world.

In 1960, technology was at a stage of beginning to advance more rapidly.  Today, we have Facebook, Google, incredible game technology and vast transaction capabilities.  Improved technology has both beneficial and negative consequences.  Though it provides so many benefits, the creation of this technology has required and taken up an incredible amount of capital the economy would normally need to provide local suppliers with the capability to produce products needed by consumers.  That is inflationary.  It is also true that technology has now reached the point where “1984” is at our doorstep.  A central bank digital currency is being planned for replacing the US dollar.  This will allow the government to accumulate information about every dollar you have and where you spend it.  The government will not only be able to control your spending, but will also be able to tax you at will and remove money directly from your checking, savings or investment accounts.  We are on the cusp of the potential evil world predicted so many years ago which, at the time, the technology was not available to create.

In 1960, government was minimal in size compared to the vast American economy which produced everything we needed.  In the decades since, government has grown enormously while the economy has shrunk.  Dollar amounts in which we measure our economy have grown due to incredible inflation, but we do not produce anything any more.  I believe the government must borrow each year to cover its cost because it is too large to be supported by our local economy.  We are even borrowing to pay the interest on American debt which is enormous.  
In 1960, the population of the US was 180 million and 120 million were employed.  Today, there are 330 million people in the US and about 140 million are employed.  Practically no one in America works anymore.  It must certainly be a challenge for 140 million working Americans to support our enormous federal, state and local governments which are growing fatter and fatter and the rest of our 330 million populatiom.  We are apparently doing it with debt.

Our current administration has completely adopted the idea of running the country based on climate change.  Climate change was certainly a notion in 1960.  We had dirty air and rivers in the United States due to poor manufacturing methods.  Air and water are much cleaner in the US today and we don’t make anything here anymore.  I remember that I was taught that, by the year 2000, Florida would be underwater and the California coast would be flooded because the icebergs were melting.  The icebergs did melt, but Florida and California did not disappear as predicted.  Governments are changing the entire energy consumption patterns of the world due to environmental damage they predict.  This is a major change in economics and society that affects living standards in not only America, but the world.  It remains to be seen whether any of it is necessary.

America has always been a beautiful country.  I have travelled across the country and was amazed to see the beautiful farms and parklands.  Practically all of our food comes from other countries today and costs much more primarily because farming is aggressively discouraged by our government today.  It is considered destructive to the climate.  I think it is possible that future Americans who travel across the country will see only fields of solar panels. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that, even if they fill the entire United States with solar panels, they cannot provide the energy we will need for today’s living standard.  It appears intended that living standards for ordinary people are intended to be reduced.  Perhaps not so for the wealthy and powerful.

In 1960, it is my opinion that what the government told us was generally the truth.  Today, everything I read from the government is very questionable. How can we have a 3.5% unemployment rate when no one is working?  How can the economy be healthy when we don’t make anything in America anymore?  How can the huge American debt be in any way beneficial to our economy?  How can a miniscule work force support our huge and growing governments?  Why should we change our American way of life if minimal warming of our planet does not cause any damage to our planet or if climate change is a hoax as many believe?

The changes that are taking place in America are gargantuan and are very substantially changing the way we live and the society in which we live.  Living standards are changing dramatically.  The poor and middle class are becoming poorer, which is intended, and the rich are becoming richer and more powerful which, I believe, is also intended.  It is my opinion that the changes in American are not beneficial for Americans, but are mostly being made to transfer wealth from America and Western Europe to the rest of the world which has lagged behind due to the lack of ability of the leaders of other nations to improve the lives of their own people.  We need to realize that the globalist leaders who are leading the planet into this new world are very serious about changing our way of life and are firm believers in the changes they are bringing about.  America is no longer America and will become a very small part of a very poor and undernourished future world being planned for us.  If America is to remain the great nation it was created to be and continue to create beneficial changes for mankind, we must find our own patriotic leadership who believes in our American way of life and will devote full effort to help preserve it and resist the coming new world order.

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