It has been nearly 250 years now since our forefathers created the greatest society that ever existed on planet earth when they created the republic of the United States of America. For the first time in the history of mankind, common people were given the right to own property and capital and accumulate wealth. In all previous societies on planet earth which were kingdoms and in all communist countries, no one has had the right to own property and capital and accumulate wealth except as prescribed by the government which has always had ultimate control over all property and wealth. As a result, home ownership, retirement accounts and other wealth accumulation proliferated in Western European nations and the United States and has appeared in other countries. This should certainly be a very widely accepted concept but, in fact, is very widely opposed by many powerful wealthy people and politicians worldwide. The powerful preach equality for all which is, of course, communism. The only way to achieve absolute equality for all is by taking away all property and wealth from everyone and giving it back to the government to control. True communism, of course, does not exist anywhere on planet earth. In order to have true communism, people who run the government would have to agree to live the same as everybody else, but we know they do not. If you give people control of all property and capital, they will surely use it to better their own lives and leave scraps for the common folk.

Nevertheless, the right to own capital, which we call capitalism, is viewed by the powerful as an unfair system which generates wealth for the few and does not provide satisfactorily for the rest. This is, of course, a lie. Western Europe and America and other nations which adopted capitalism became much wealthier than all other people on the planet. As a result, world leaders have been generating ways to redistribute wealth from the wealthier nations to other poorer countries for decades. In the 1970s, Lynden Johnson created his welfare system by borrowing from worker’s social security and higher taxes on the workers to redistribute wealth from the middle class in America to the poor. He likely did not intend this to be a redistribution of wealth. He just wanted to help the poor, but damaged the middle class and likely was the major cause of the dramatic inflation of the 1970s. During the 1990s, Bill Clinton was encouraged by world leaders to get Congress to pass trade deals which opened up greater trade with China, India, Mexico and Canada. Just as occurred in the 1970s when we had the great inflation, US corporations once again moved manufacturing operations to other countries from the United States. This has the impact of moving millions of good manufacturing jobs from America to other countries which generates a tremendous transfer of wealth from the middle class here to the middle classes of other countries which have favorable trade balances with us. Trade deficits in the US, which began in the 1970s at about hundreds of billions of dollars annually became trillions each year after the Clinton trade deals. It is likely that the United States has transferred perhaps as much as $25 trillion or more of wealth from our middle class to the middle classes of Japan, China, other oriental countries, India, Mexico and Canada in the last sixty or more years. A middle class still exists here but a much higher percentage of the population is struggling to meet higher expenses.  Good paying jobs, which allow younger people to support families, buy homes and achieve the American dream are scarcer than in earlier times because so many jobs have been exported. Young people are asked to make a career at McDonalds and Walmart and many refuse to do so. They are encouraged to accumulate debt to get a higher education and then find jobs unavailable. They are staying home living off parents equity, are unsuccessful at family life and unable to buy homes to build equity of their own. The American dream is disappearing for young Americans.

Redistribution of wealth is a deliberate effort on the part of world leaders to equalize the living standards of all people at a higher level. What they perhaps do not understand is that you cannot make the world wealthier by stealing wealth from those who create it and give it to others who do not. Instead of raising the living standards of the worldwide population, you will likely reduce the overall standard of living for everyone. In addition, it is likely that you will achieve worldwide equality of communism and reduce the probability of any future advancement for mankind. The better living standard that exists today compared to two hundred years ago is entirely due to democracy and capitalism developed in America and Western Europe. The proper way to continue to make the world a better place for all to live is to encourage the spread of this great society to all countries on our planet. Each nation should create its own infrastructure, determine its own resource availability and manufacture and grow its own products providing good paying jobs for its own citizens. Trade should only be done to acquire resources you do not have or to create products for other countries which cannot make their own. Each nation must create and sustain its own economy.  Wealthy world leaders have the right to give of their own wealth to help poorer people, but no world leader has the right to steal from one nation to give to another.  Deliberate redistribution of wealth is criminal in nature.