I have long been a student of the history of intelligent life on our planet. In my first book, “Past Present and Future of Planet Earth”, I offer speculative ideas about how intelligent life may have come to be on our planet and how mankind has developed from likely very humble beginnings to present day.  It covers the growth of religious beliefs which are the origin of all ethics and morality in society. The history of mankind is a history of friction and war and the reasons for conflict are discussed. Development of governments and societies from small groups led by an alpha male to clans and to societies with governments and borders for protection is discussed.

All societies on our planet until the last three or four centuries have been kingdoms. A king ruled, the landowners were lords who supported the king and the population were serfs who worked the land essentially as slaves. It was in Europe several centuries ago that, by revolution, the people first gained the right to vote for and elect their leaders. Democracy and communism were born. Democracy offered the people, not only the right to elect their leaders, but also the right for the first time in history to own property, capital and accumulate wealth. Communism rejected property rights and rights to accumulate wealth which communists claim should be in the hands of government to benefit people equally. It is based on this understanding of history that it became my belief that democracy created the greatest society that ever existed on our planet. Because it allowed the freedom to the people to own property and accumulate wealth, it paved the way for capitalism and made the industrial revolution possible. It was not the governments that came up with the ideas for the invention of energy creation, buildings, roads, bridges, washing machines and dryers, cars, trucks, trains, planes and all the other inventions that made life easier or potentially easier for all humanity.

The people, for the first time in history, were allowed by government to improve their own status in life by making changes in society that were beneficial to all mankind. Our forefathers in America made this the basis for our American way of life. Although some nations on our planet still substantially resemble kingdoms, the earth seemingly has become divided into communist and democratic powerhouses. It remains apparent to me that only in the capitalist nations does continued progress occur for the benefit of mankind, although not all of it may be truly beneficial.

The history of mankind is a history of conflict and war. The primary causes of friction and war have been religious differences, empire building as leaders attempt to gain control over more and more countries to expand their influence and, more recently, differences in social structure as world leaders attempt to expand communism or democracy worldwide. At the end of World War II in 1945, the planet seemed divided relatively clearly. Mainland China was Communist. Russia had Communist control over most of Eastern Europe. The United States and Western Europe were a major Democratic stronghold, and other nations apparently leaned in one direction or the other. World leaders formed the United Nations in the hope that all nations could be convinced to join the union and create a world of peace and harmony for the first time in the history of mankind. Many steps have been taken since that time by world leaders and the UN to try to enforce a worldwide union. It appears that there is a major lack of understanding of the deep conviction that still exists between people of different faiths and the vast differences that are created in living standards between Communism and Democracy and Socialism and Capitalism. All UN leaders to date have been radical Socialists or Communists and most world leaders and heads of communications empires denigrate Capitalism as an evil and unfair system and, as a result, a communist world union was considered the goal. Despite UN efforts and despite the fact that Russia lost Communist control over most of Eastern Europe during the Reagan administration in the United States, Russia continues to promote it’s influence in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and especially in Latin America where Communism is gaining a major foothold. Communist China has long tried to gain control over the entire world of oriental nations where Communism would be introduced, but faces Capitalist control in Japan, South Korea and other nations. United Nations and world leaders have taken steps to unify nations perhaps not fully realizing the depth of conviction in these ideologies.

Increasing worldwide trade and eliminating trade barriers between nations is being used to transfer middle class wealth between nations. Western European nations and the United States have transferred all of their manufacturing operations to Communist China and other oriental nations and Latin American countries. Many millions of family supporting jobs have been transferred to these countries in this effort which has resulted in trillions of dollars of middle class wealth transferred from the Western nations to other countries. As measured by the trade deficits incurred by the United States since the 1970s, about $30 trillion of middle class wealth was transferred out of the United States. This change also has an impact on the balance of power between Democracy and Communism because it is increasing the economic and military power of the Communist world as opposed to the Democratic states and is also transferring much of the intellectual property created in the Democratic states to Communism. A lot of that knowledge is used to create military technology. These changes in trade policy are not reducing the tension between these opposing views, but rather increasing the possibility of resulting military conflict.

World leaders and the UN are opening the borders of the western nations to immigrants in larger and larger numbers to come in from poorer middle east countries and other places. Western nations have long had Christian populations and the migrants arriving are not Christian. Many have also never lived in a democratic society. These changes will increase friction within all western nations because, wherever Muslims go, they tend to take over local government and change local society. Friction and local conflict has increased in many western nations. Changes in crime rates, drugs and changes in family life and rules related to women and minorities can also be affected.  Society will be altered.

Equality for all is being preached worldwide. People everywhere are being taught to see this as a good thing, but it is not. Equality for all except the wealthy is Communism. The Communist way of life is the closest thing that still exists today to the kingdoms that existed for the entire history of mankind.  Democracy is dependent upon equality of opportunity for all. Equality for all can only exist if we take all property rights away from everyone. The government will have to control all money and property and distribute to all equally. That is Communism.  Democracy is the first society in all of the history of mankind in which government has given all people the right to own property and capital and accumulate wealth. That is equality of opportunity for all.  These rights are the rights that are sought after by the vast majority of all the people on our planet and the reason that so many want to come to western countries where these rights exist. Most people are not aware that UN and world leaders are working diligently to deprive people of these rights and return us to equality for all in poverty.

In the last century, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Most advances in technology have been invented in the Capitalist world, but have been transferred because of changes in trade to the rest of the world as well. All of our lives have been changed by technology, most people think for the better but this may not be completely true. Technology has improved communication and game technology and entertainment, but has required a great deal of capital to do so. In a Capitalist society, capital is intended to be used to create the capability to produce the everyday needs of consumers. We must produce food, cars, appliances, clothing and infrastructure and many other things we need to continue our improved way of life. None of these things are produced in the United States anymore.  We produce increased technology.While technology also improves our lives in certain ways, we must consider whether we are using capital effectively to sustain our American way of life. Lack of capital to produce the products needed by consumers is inflationary and could result in a reduction in our standard of living.

Technology has advanced to a stage where vast amounts of data can be accumulated. It has now become possible for government to use technology to take total control over our lives and eliminate freedom, democracy and perhaps even capitalism.  Some nations, including Communist China, have replaced their currency with a central bank digital currency. This can increase the ease in transfer of funds and use of money, but it has the capability to give the government total control over our money and spending habits. Government will be able to know every dollar you have, how you spend it and be able to take money right out of your account which they are getting the cooperation of the banks to allow them to do. In the United States, Joe Biden has issued Executive Order 14067 which will replace the US dollar with a central bank digital currency when it is implemented. The IRS has also been authorized and is hiring 87,000 new agents with guns whose only purpose apparently will be to empower the government to take your money from you, and perhaps even your property. Why else would we need them?  If this is implemented as intended by our present administration, we will be living in Communism.

It appears to me that the United States of America was created by our founding fathers based on three primary principles… fair elections to choose our leaders, the right to own property and capital and accumulate wealth and equality of opportunity. We gave up equality of opportunity in the 1950s and 1960s when the government decided to give priority in education, jobs, govt contracts and everything else first to minorities, then to women, then to people of certain sexual preference. Equality of opportunity intended by our forefathers who wrote the Constitution has not existed in America for at least the last sixty years. Our own government is right now working very hard to take away from us our rights to own property and capital and accumulate wealth. We may lose them this year. The wealthy and our government leaders, of course, do not expect to redistribute their own wealth… only the wealth of the middle class which will become much poorer. I also believe that we have lost our right to honest elections perhaps some time ago. Questions have been raised about the voting practices especially in certain states. I question whether we have had a completely honest election any time since the 1990s.

In my latest book to be released soon, “Love Letters to America,” I express my great admiration and love for the work of our founding fathers who created America and gave us freedoms that never existed before, Democracy and Capitalism. They created for us the greatest society that ever existed in the history of mankind. Our own government leaders are working to take these rights away from us today. If we lose these rights in America, we deprive the entire world of the possibility of achieving a better life. And it will take major revolution to get them back again.  UN and wealthy world leaders are winning and appear to be succeeding in creating their equal world over which they will have total control and we will all live in poverty. Most people still see the United Nations as the defender of Democracy in our world. I do not think this is at all true anymore. If the world is to have any hope for freedom to survive, I think the United States must pull out of the United Nations and reestablish our nation as the model of prosperity for the world. Perhaps the Western Hemisphere can be established as an independent united Democracy with the capability to sustain on it’s own regardless of what happens in the rest of the world. It is my belief that, if given a choice, practically all people would choose freedom, Democracy and Capitalism. But the powers to be that control our planet have shown that they are not going to give us that choice.