Only in a democratic country are ordinary citizens allowed to own property, accumulate wealth and accumulate and use capital. That is why capitalism was born in democratic nations. We all know that citizens of communist countries are not allowed to accumulate wealth or employ capital to produce products. If you invent a product that can be useful to many people and use your own money or funds from others to produce that product and sell it others, you are employing capital as intended and our system of capitalism is designed to reward you for your efforts to help make life better for others. This is proper use of capital in a capitalist system. But it is unfortunately not what we do in the United States anymore.  To begin with, practically nothing we use, drive or even most of what we eat is not produced in this country anymore. Although products may be being produced using American capital, almost everything is produced overseas and shipped back to us.  American capital used to produce products should be employed right here in the US creating career jobs for Americans, especially as it pertains to energy, food and military supplies. What do we use capital in the United States for? A great deal of American capital has been employed to create Facebook, Google and the internet. While these are useful for entertainment purposes, they produce no tomatoes, potatoes or washing machines. Movies and other entertainment venues are necessary, but it seems that is all we employ capital for these days in America. Hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars today is employed to purchase cryptocurrencies. Many billions more are planned for creation of a metaverse. These are nothing more than entries on someone’s computer. Often, we do not even know whose computer it is. How inflationary is it that capital we need to produce the products we need and use everyday is not available for that purpose and is being utilized elsewhere. How much of the capital invested in the stock market today is used for the creation of entertainment venues instead of products and services for consumers? Investment managers, fearful of recession, are diverting capital away from needy young companies which will be improving the lives of Americans in the future. I fear that we are drifting further and further away from the intended use of capitalism which has been responsible for the creation of almost everything that has been invented to improve the lives of citizens worldwide over the last two hundred years.  It does not bode well for the future of mankind.