It occurs to me that, within the general public, there is a lack of understanding about government and how important it is to understand the impact that the government that rules us has on our daily lives. Printing this article may have an educational impact on the lives of your readers.

During the long history of intelligent life on planet earth, there have been a number of cultural issues which humans consider so important that they have been the reason for friction and war for eons.  There have been battles for control of land masses, religious differences, formation of different types of society, formation of different types of government, formation of different types of economies and social cultures and, more recently, changes in trade relations have caused such dramatic changes in lifestyle in different countries that trade may also become another cause of conflict. In the last several centuries, type of government has become one of the most important. Regardless of what we choose to call a government, it occurs to me that all forms of government will fall under three general types.

We all know that, originally, planet earth contained no intelligent life. Science tells us that the beginnings of humanity were indeed humble. We all came from animals after all and, before the origin of religious beliefs, there were no rules of law, ethics or morality. All of the earliest societies lived by the laws of the jungle.  We were animals after all. The strongest or alpha male ruled and protected and provided for the tribe making up the rules as he went along. So the earliest societies were all kingdoms.  How can we call this type of society anything but a kingdom?  Although experiments were done at times during history with having a senate to represent the common people, this type of society (kingdoms) has survived as the only type of government on planet earth until modern times. Greek, Spartan and Roman societies, for example, briefly had Senates. As populations expanded, kings eventually had to maintain large armies to control their populations. But down through the entire history of our planet, people who controlled all societies on our planet and were supported by the wealthy property owners, ruled over the people in their territories as kings and made all the rules. So kingdoms were the first, original and only type of society on planet earth for eons.

In my first book, “Past, Present and Future of Planet Earth”, I speculate that three original races of humans, yellow white and black which later mixed, were created in three different locations of the planet. In the areas occupied by the white race primarily in western Europe, people revolted against the rule of their kings and began two different types of government in which people would, for the very first time in the history of our planet, have some say in who their rulers should be. Democracy was born in Europe and Communism was born in Russia. Although they are very different kinds of governments, neither qualifies as a kingdom. I am not an expert in modern history, but it makes sense to me that democracy came first. In a democracy, the peoples representatives make the laws that we live by, we elect the executive branch that enforces the laws and a judicial branch maintains fairness and justice in the system. Democracy has spread into many countries and, although convoluted everywhere with socialism and too much control exercised by the executive branch in many places, still survives in many countries. Democracy permits the ownership of capital and property by the people, not just the government and the wealthy and, if honest elections can be maintained, majority of the people control who is in the government.

Communism began in Russia after a very bloody revolution during which the regents were very reluctant to give up control. Theoretically, in communism, the people elect their leaders to whom they give the complete right to control all property and capital for the benefit of the people who are all to be treated equally. Communism has spread into many countries also. If the leaders of communist governments and those who control all of the property and capital in those countries all truly lived in the same conditions as those that they govern, we would have true communism. But just like democracy, communism is surely convoluted. Government leaders and those that control the assets surely live a better life than those they govern.

Planet earth, it seems, will never have a shortage of people who feel they are better than everyone else and have the right to rule and tell everyone else how to live. Mark Zuckerberg, who is actually Mark Greenberg, has been quoted as saying that the common people are all animals who need to be controlled. George Soros gives hundreds of millions of dollars each year to help elect officials who will work in various countries to help communize the planet. The New World Order works constantly to promote the control of all the nations of the earth under the United Nations. I have read that The New World Order, in addition to George Soros, includes many wealthy and powerful people who govern other countries but also includes George Bush Sr and Jr, the Clintons, the Obamas and others.  I have read that all ten of the leaders of the United Nations until today have all been radical socialists or communists. It seems that, if today’s world leaders get their way, we will all be living under communism down the road.       

There are still three types of governments on planet earth. Many nations are still ruled by tyrants who have the power of a king over their people and maintain military control. Democratic and Communist governments, although not in their original intended form, exist in many countries. If history has taught us anything, it has taught us that we the people will be fighting against people trying to enslave us until the end of time. Certainly, kings and tyrants enslave their people. In communism, how can you better your life if it is against the law for you to accumulate any wealth or property. It occurs to me that the most important thing that the common people have won over time in revolt is the capability to improve their lives. If we are to live in totalitarianism, it must include capitalism. In my opinion, capitalism is the very reason for all the improvements that have taken place in society worldwide in the last two centuries. Why would anybody create anything to improve the lives of everyone if there is no incentive to do so?  In my lifetime, I have watched so many of the freedoms achieved by so many gradually disappearing in so many countries. Powerful forces are making it happen. It is my opinion that the world will stagnate and freedom and betterment for the lives of the common people will disappear if we allow democracy and capitalism to disappear from planet earth. 


Eventual global guidance by the United Nations over all of the nations on the planet may not be ultimately a bad idea. It would be a wonderful thing to have worldwide peace and harmony.  But totalitarianism will no longer be tolerated ultimately by everyone in this modern world.  We still have differences in religion and culture which we kill each other over. We still have differences in types of government over which we continue to kill each other. We still have tyrants who will not submit to rule by the United Nations. Fortunately, it is also my belief that we still have some leaders and wealthy people who believe that we must preserve the rights and freedoms of the common people that were won by revolution centuries ago which includes the right to elect their government and own property and capital. We also have history which tells us that people will rebel against those who would change their religious beliefs or culture or exercise totalitarian control over their lives. A United Nations which accepts and attempts to guide the planet for the betterment of all might be beneficial. A United Nations which is dedicated to total control is more likely to contribute to an increase in friction and war than it would be to contribute to a peaceful planet.