Friction and war seem to stubbornly persist on Planet Earth. There are a number of reasons for war, some of which appear to date back to the origin of mankind. Men have been killing each other over religion for all of recorded history. Today, it appears to me that Islam is the primary religion being spread militarily in the middle east and by infiltration in other areas of the world. Control over people and domain…land and water rights…has been the reason, in my opinion, for most of the wars we read about in history. The two world wars appear to be the most extensive battles that have been fought for control over other nations and their people. In more recent history, rebellions resulted in the formation of democracies and communism. Communists espouse socialism and democracies prefer to allow property and capital ownership to citizens in a system called capitalism. All recent wars seem to have been fought over the spread of communism and democracy. Even more recently, it is my opinion that the formation of the New World Order since 1947 by most of the richest and most powerful people on Planet Earth has been the cause of all of the most recent wars and friction. The plan of the New World Order is to bring all of the nations on earth under the control of the United Nations. War is brought to depose national leaders who resist control by the UN. We need to ask ourselves whether Vladimir Putin and Russia are fighting a war to bring Ukraine back under Russian control to improve his chances of maintaining Russia’s ability to remain independent and resist control by the New World Order.    

Since world war two, substantial changes in control over large sections of the world have taken place. After the war, Russia formed the USSR which included most of eastern Europe which became communist. China was also a communist nation. This likely included almost half the world’s population and attempts were made by both nations to spread their communist influence to other parts of the world and those attempts continue today. During the Reagan administration, Russia lost control over eastern European nations and progress was made in battling communist influence in Latin America. To complicate matters further, new trade agreements between the United States and China and other countries has brought partial capitalism to China. In addition, socialist ideals have spread to many democratic nations to the point where it is questionable whether capitalism truly exists in many democratic nations today.

Will democracy and capitalism survive? This has become a very complicated question. A lot will depend on the leaders of the New World Order and what  direction they intend for the future of the planet. We must remember that all ten leaders of the United Nations until the present time have been radical socialists or communists. Certainly, they see totalitarian control over the entire population of earth as a worthwhile goal. The original leading promoter of democracy and capitalism worldwide until recently has been the United States. However, with the exception of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, all recent presidents of the United States have been members of the New World Order. This does include George Bush Sr and Jr, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. In my opinion, an examination of their presidencies will show dramatic tendency to subordinate the United States to UN rule and help the New World Order to subjugate other nations as well. It is interesting that these world leaders favored the trade changes made during the Clinton administration. Opening free trade with China and India and increasing trade with Canada and Mexico transferred many millions of jobs to other countries from the United States as well as sending trillions of dollars of wealth from the middle class of the US to the middle classes of other nations.  But it has also made China partially capitalist.  This new capitalism brought tremendous new wealth to the Chinese middle class, but China is still fully controlled by the Communist party which can take possession of all private capital there if it should decide to do so.  That has already happened in all other communist countries. Under the circumstances, if the New World Order is successful, capitalism will only survive if world leaders want it.  It is likely that capital ownership would be reserved only for the very wealthy world leaders who support the new government.

Mankind has been on Planet Earth for thousands of years, but democracy and capitalism are very new. In prior ages, progress in improving our lives has been extremely slow. A great deal of criticism exists about the inequality of capitalism, but it is my opinion that allowing ownership of property and capital in the hands of the common people is responsible for all of the great inventions we have seen in the past two centuries which has potentially improved the lives of every person on our planet. It is possible that the deliberate disintegration of this system would send the world into a thousand years of dark ages similar to the era that existed after the fall of the Roman Empire. I also envision that communism and other forms of totalitarianism, in reality, are substantially more unfair than capitalism. If we agree to put all wealth, land and capital in the hands of the government and the wealthy few, surely we condemn ourselves to a life of slavery.  Democracy and capitalism are essential to a decent life for the future population of our planet.

Will the New World Order succeed in gaining military control over the planet? I believe it will not in our lifetimes. Friction and war will likely continue to dominate our history due to differences in religion, social structure and government structure, and control over land of other nations. In addition, when it becomes widespread knowledge about how dramatically economic conditions are being manipulated by governments using new trade agreements, populations will likely rebel against their own governments which seem to be willingly causing new poverty at home to create better living conditions in other countries. Actions taken by world leaders to achieve their own goals often also is tending to change the balance of power between nations. Increasing the wealth of aggressive nations like China, which has expansion goals of it’s own, also has a tendency to promote more friction and war. Will the United States, as the military arm of the New World Order, promote wars to help bring more nations under the control of the UN? It occurs to me that world leaders do not understand how strongly people feel about and cling to the culture they believe in and the way they want to live. The best we can hope for at present is that people of different religions should live in areas where their religion is dominant. People who prefer communism should live in areas where that culture exists and make alliances with others who agree with them. Others who prefer democracy and capitalism can live where it is accepted and form alliances with other nations that agree. Eventually, long after we are all gone, perhaps all of the people of Planet Earth will come to agree on a common culture and be able to live in peace and harmony. At the present time, it does not seem possible, but it seems that we never run out of egomaniacs who feel they have the right to tell everyone on our planet how to live.