So many different reasons are offered for the high gas prices we are experiencing.  There is Russia’s war against Ukraine.  Some blame the oil companies for being greedy. We could say that OPEC is producing less to create shortages and keep prices high. Certainly, the fact that most of our world leaders want to transfer from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly fuels has something to do with it. We would have to be very blind to not see that very high gas prices and potential shortages of gas only occur during Democratic administrations. It was during the Lynden Johnson and Jimmy Carter era that we had the first dramatic price increases and shortages at the pump. Then came the huge price raises during the Obama administration. Now we have the Biden highest prices of all. It would not seem likely that there would ever be any necessity for high gas prices in the United States at all. It is reported that we have oil reserves in this country that are adequate for our needs for the next one hundred years. And that does not take into consideration the fact that we are already in the early stages in the process of changing over from fossil fuels to other forms of energy. It is also reported that we have about a one hundred fifty year supply of natural gas which has also been escalating in price. Can there ever be any justification for any President of the United States to not allow production, pipeline distribution or refining capacity adequate for the needs of the people of this country? Can there ever be any justification for any President to allow shipment of oil or natural gas to any overseas nation if we need it here?  How is it that we ever elected any President or other public official who would do such a thing? Think about the inflationary impact on the budget of every American citizen that this is causing. What about the people we are putting out of good paying jobs who would be working providing oil, natural gas for heating and gasoline at the pump for us? How can we justify an American President going to Venezuela, Iran and the Middle East to get more oil production while restricting production here at home?  The United States is certainly one of the greenest nations on the planet and this decision to go overseas does not appear to help his goal of making the planet more energy environmentally friendly. There is a very high economic impact on every American as a result of these decisions. All of the Presidents involved were Democrats and Liberals, but it is my opinion that this is not only a Democratic or Liberal problem. 

Generally speaking, it appears to me that the thinking of Lynden Johnson, Carter, Obama and Biden are merely in line with the goals of the Globalists in charge of the New World Order. They do not feel that they were elected President as servants of the American people and to provide for the needs of the American people. Rather, they are agents of the New World Order whose goal is to bring new direction to Planet Earth and I believe they do this knowing that harm will come to the American people in the process. With the exception of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, all recent Presidents of the United States have been affiliated with the New World Order.  Clinton and both Bush administrations may not have caused drastic reductions in oil production in the US to below America’s needs, but other events occurred to further goals of the New World Order during their administrations. Trade deals that were approved by Congress during the Clinton era sent millions of American jobs to foreign countries.  Wars seemed to further New World Order goals in the Middle East during the Bush Sr and Jr and Obama administrations. It appears that the disappearance of Democracy and Capitalism is a critical goal of the New World Order and it is happening in Latin America, the Middle East and possibly in African nations, Canada and Australia. 

It would not appear that high gas prices are a goal of the New World Order. It only seems that they need to promote this problem to accomplish their goal of converting world power needs to different types of fuel. Even if a changeover to non fossil fuels is a positive goal, it does not have to be accomplished overnight at the expense of economic hardship to many people in the United States and probably other countries as well. There is no reason to not continue producing as much oil as is needed while this transition takes place.  My friends, it is becoming critically important to learn to elect officials to preside over us who have our best interests at heart. Politicians do make it hard for us to make the right decisions at election time because they are incredible liars but, in our lifetimes, it is becoming rare that we manage to accomplish this goal. If we cannot find ways to elect people who will have the best interest of Americans as their goal, our freedom, democracy and capitalism will surely disappear from our lives.